Jesse Novotny

Thrilled to Build

Angular with Devise and Rails Walkthrough

When I started programming my very first Angular single page application (SPA), I noticed the resources for setup and integration with Devise to be thin or fragmented. The most useful guide I found was actually just a segment of a general Angular with Rails walkthrough. There were other resources that were either too complex or advanced and they didn’t really go through the initial baby steps. One of the most daunting challenges for a new programmer is starting from scratch. I know because I’m one of these folks.

.fear{display: none;}

Just before quitting my job and starting down this path to become a web developer, I attended a small seminar by a friend who was working on a book about life transitions. One thing that stuck with me was how he spoke of “embracing the dark times” because there will surely be some.

Automagically Inclined

The week before starting my Rails project, was the most grueling and discouraging yet. We were covering authentication and we’re at the stage in our learning where training wheels are starting to come loose and the lesson material can get pretty thin. It all started with Omniauth which I couldn’t configure correctly, for the life of me (more on that in a minute). Before I could even grasp it completely, we dive head first into a steaming pile of Devise. This can be a frustrating section if you don’t have a solid handle on what is automatically generated with Devise and what isn’t. For example, I had just gotten used to the comfort of writing my own helpers like current_user and suddenly, all of that is made more me, along with the entire login/signup pages!!

Rock Climber's Guide to Coding

Apparently I’m a coder now. A novice maybe, but a coder none the less. I’m still not sure yet if I chose this path or if it chose me. Some force certainly drew me to it.

My Love Affair with Pry

I can’t begin to explain what an epiphany I had when Pry first made sense. It was a tricky concept to grasp at first and thankfully I caught on quickly but it was obvious that this must be quite a challenge for many.